AFC JAPAN is a member of all automobile and heavy machinery auctions in Japan . It is a one of the largest hub of used Trucks, Machinery, Vans and cars sale and it supply its clients an opportunity to buy a truck, Machinery Vans or car of their choice in affordable rates

Access to almost all auctions of used vehicles & Machinery in Japan makes us eligible to export all sort of second hand vehicles to almost every place of the world.

As good reputation across the world is helping as to grow our clientele everywhere in the world. After acquiring good will with our clients in few parts of world for exporting good quality vehicles at the most competitive prices now AFC JAPAN is looking forward to serve the entire golobe, We reiterate our pledge to our customers that without compromising on quality we still offer the most reasonable prices.


Our business hours are from 10 am to 7 pm, weekdays
Calls will be corresponded during those hours.

Japanese and English are supported.
Please feel free to contact us with inquiries.

You do not need to worry about not having experience in export and
import,for we conduct all export and import arrangements for you.

There is no initial fee, but we ask for an agreement fee at the time of agreement.

Easily place an order by following these simple steps:

  • Have a look at our online stock.
  • Choose a vehicle of your choice.
  • Submit the form with all relevant information.
  • Pro forma invoice will be sent to you through email or Whatsapp or fax,
  • All bank details and the mode of payment will be mentioned in the Pro forma invoice.
  • Please note that your selected vehicle will only be reserved on the full receipt of payment for Arrange Vehicles.
  • The vehicle will be safely shipp, when the above note are completed.
  • The vehicle will finally reach the port of discharge.
  • Enjoy safe driving.

You can send inquiry or e-mail for the Pro forma invoice, after you select a vehicle from our stock.

If the vehicle you desire is already sold to another customer then no to worry. We have the ability to provide vehicles on demand for our customers because of the great number of auctions we deal with. However, it must be noted that a deposit in advance will be required for availing this type buying, Do email us, so that we can provide you with a request order form.







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